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WhatsApp rolls out two step verification in some Beta versions

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One of WhatsApp’s most requested features, two factor authentication, may finally be making its way to the service. The IM service has been testing the feature in its app for the past few months now, however the feature finally appears to be on the verge of a public roll out.

The feature has already gone live in some of the latest beta versions of the application. So, if you were using WhatsApp version 2.16.341 and above, you’ll be able to see a new Two-step verification option under Account Settings. Once you tap this button, you will be directed to a screen that can let you enable the process.

As for what the feature does, it is this: Once you activate it for the first time, you will be required to enter a pass-code. This pass-code is then attached to your number, so that every time you — or someone else! — attempts to install WhatsApp using your number, the pass-code is required to be entered first.

Look at it this way, say you enter 123456 as your password while activating two-step verification. Now, if you were to install WhatsApp again — or in another device — you would first be required to enter the pass-code you created the first time around. This way, no one else can activate WhatsApp on their devices, even if they have access to your phone number.

You’ll also be required to register an email address that can be used to reset your passcode, in case you forget it.

Another interesting feature that has been introduced to some of the beta versions, is the ability to play voice messages in the background. This means that you can switch to other conversations after clicking play on a voice message you have received in a particular conversation.

Note that both of these features are still in beta, and not in all versions of beta either. However, there is a fair chance that WhatsApp may soon go for a public roll out.

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