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WhatsApp adds GIF support in its latest update for iOS

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And WhatsApp for iOS has (finally!) decided to join in on the fun. The company has updated its IM service and has integrated the ability to send and receive GIFs within the application. Although WhatsApp is a late boarder and many other messaging applications already offer GIF integration, the latest update bring a bag full of interesting new things to do, with the messenger.

Okay, so the first new feature that you can enjoy if you have an iPhone and the latest version of WhatsApp messenger installed upon it is the ability to send GIFs stored on your phone. However, realizing that it could be hard to carry the perfect GIF for all occasions, WhatsApp has added the ability to search Giphy’s huge library as well. And that is not where your GIF search has to end either. You can also call upon Tenor and search their extensive database of animated GIFs and videos to spice up your conversations.

Also packed in is an Editor that can let you modify the downloaded or stored GIFs even further. Not only can you add captions, stickers and drawings to animations, but you can also reduce the length of the clips and make them perfect as per your requirements.

You an also use a new feature available within WhatsApp to convert videos that are 6 seconds or shorter into GIFs. Simply pick a video you’d like to send as a GIF from within WhatsApp, and use the GIF toggle to turn it into one. The app also allows you to turn live photos into GIFs by going to attach and then 3-D touching a live photo.

Here is a complete list of the changes within the new version:

• You can now send and receive animated GIFs
• For videos that are 6 seconds or shorter, you can now send them as animated GIFs. Just tap the GIF toggle after picking a video.
• Send Live Photos as animated GIFs. Just 3D Touch any live photo from Attach — Photo/Video Library and choose “Select as GIF.”

You can download the latest version 2.16.15 of WhatsApp, from the App Store.

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