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XgenPlus lets you have e-mail addresses in Chinese, Arabic and other languages

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Communication has gone a drastic change over the past few years and decades. With the advent of technology, what used to be letters are now e-mails. However, there are so many languages in the world — isn’t it a bit strange that most of the e-mail addresses we see around are in English? After all, if your primary language is say Chinese, shouldn’t you have an e-mail identity that reflects it? Well, India-based email server software company XgenPlus, is making just this change come alive.

XgenPlus, an Indian email server software company that is known for its innovative and disruptive schemes, is offering e-mail support in various non-ASCII (non-Latin) characters using an Internationalized Domain Name (IDN). To put it simply, XgenPlus has removed all barriers that until now, dictated that your e-mail address should be in English.

It is indeed a huge achievement, and one that should be acknowledged. In offering e-mail addresses in all these languages, XgenPlus has beaten the likes of Gmail, Office365 and other major players. IDN support has been around since the past few years, however, the client side implementation of the same had not taken place.  What this means is that, while you could have created an e-mail I.D. like [email protected] (Hindi) or [email protected] 巴拉特  (Chinese), you wouldn’t have received any e-mail sent to that address — in essence making them pointless. By plugging this gap, XgenPlus has pioneered a new era in the way e-mail communications takes place.

So basically, you can now have e-mails in a variety of languages, such as:

  • Chinese Email Address: [email protected] 巴拉特 
  • Hindi Email Address: [email protected]
  • Bengali Email Address: একটি@ অশোক.ভারত
  • Arabic Email Address: و أشوكا @ . بهارات
  • Punjabi Email Address: ਮਨੀਸ਼ @ ਅਸ਼ੋਕ. ਭਾਰਤ ਨੂੰ
  • Gujarati Email Address: મનીષ @ અશોક. ભારત
  • Russian Email Address: Маниш @ Ашок. Индия
  • Japanese Email Address: [email protected]

So now, native speakers can enjoy e-mails in their own tongues, or rather, characters. So users in China, or from China, can now have e-mail addresses that reflect their language/nationality/affiliation. This latest IDN email support means that those who speak and use the Internet in one of the languages above may set up and utilize an email in the language of their preference by deploying XgenPlus, using a full or partial IDN domain name.

The e-mail works pretty flawlessly as well and communications between as XgenPlus powered IDN e-mails and e-mails from other providers, happens very smoothly.

I am certain that there will not be any dearth of users who would be all to glad to have their e-mail I.D. in their native speak — I know that I want one for sure. Meanwhile, if you would like to have an e-mail in one of the languages mentioned above as well, simply pick up a IDN domain name from one of the many services that offer them and then scoot over to XgenPlus to set up your very own, authentic and customized IDN email.

XgenPlus also lets you register .भारत domains for free. That is a pretty cool way to get yourself unique and awesome website and e-mail addresses! The portal also offers you a host of highly advanced e-mail service, including support for the following, with your IDN e-mail.

  • XgenPlus Webmail
  • Outlook 2010 and above
  • BharatSync Communicator Android App
  • XgenPlus Mail App for iPhone

According to XgenPlus,

XgenPlus – Worlds Most Advanced Email Server, which is IDN / Email compliant following all email standards, which  allows people to use almost any language in their e-mail address. XgenPlus allows organization and users to chose desired username of an e-mail address to be in any language following  Unicode standard. Like an Indian Hindi speaking user can chose to have email in HINDI and user from Japan may chose to have his email address in Japanese language.

If you or your organization already uses XgenPlus Email Servers, then You are all set to use an IDN Email Id. You can know more about the topic, and even set up your own domain and e-mail by visiting the XgenPlus IDN e-mail, web hosting page.

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