2 dead in Indianapolis after a high speed Tesla car crash

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A Tesla car recently crashed into a tree, causing the death of both of its riders. 27-year-old Casey Speckman and her passenger 44-year-old Kevin McCarthy, were both killed when they lost of control of a Tesla 2015, causing it to hit a tree and burst into flames.

According to eyewitnesses, the Tesla 2015 was traveling at high speed on North Illinois near 16th Street on Thursday. Casey Speckman, who was at the wheel, appeared to have lost control of the vehicle — right before it crashed into a tree.

The crash led to explosions and a larger number of flames, caused by the cars batteries. This caused further complications to the firefighters that were attempting to put out out the fires and rescue the passengers. However, by the time they were able to get the passengers out from the vehicle, Casey Speckman had died. Kevin McCarthy was taken to the hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

As per Gas2, Indianapolis Fire Department Battalion Chief Rita Reith said

The impact of the crash disintegrated the car leaving a debris field over 150 yards long. Firefighters arrived and had to contend with the car fire and multiple fires in the road left by the small batteries and magnesium strewn about.

Tesla also offers instructions for just such situations. The company offers online instructions to firefighters upon how they can make crash rescues involving its cars. This is important because handling Tesla cars requires more care than your usual, gasoline powered vehicles. Tesla offers detailed instructions to firefighters about how they can make rescues without injuring themselves or the victims with the car’s electrified wiring and electronically activated airbags.

Tesla also uses color-coded wiring inside the body of its cars, so as to tell rescuers which wires are safe to cut and which could be carrying current from the car’s battery system.

Tesla has been courting controversy with some incidents involving its electrical and autonomous cars. However, this sad accident appears to have been caused due to the driver losing control over the vehicle, rather than due to any issue with the car itself. Meanwhile, our thoughts go out to the families of both the deceased and we wish them strength to get through these sad time.

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