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WeWork signs up Microsoft as its latest and largest customer

WeWork, Microsoft
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In a huge breakthrough for WeWork, the company has managed to land a huge client in form of Microsoft. The company provides shared workspace, services and other amenities for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and so on. After year of taking startups on-board, WeWork has struck gold by signing Microsoft as a customer.

WeWork and Microsoft have partnered up together for an innovative City as a Campus partnership. The collaboration will give a whole bunch of Microsoft’s sales teams access to WeWork offices spread across the breadth of Manhattan.

Microsoft already has New York offices. However, partnering up with WeWork will provide the company’s sales team with a lot of bases to touch down. This is particularly important in sales, where the employees often have to travel across the city in pursuit of elusive leads.

The thought that went into this collaboration is pretty obvious. Microsoft’s sales team would be able to have nest all across the city. So stuff like conducting meeting, or getting other important stuff work done, wouldn’t require them to travel all the way to the main Microsoft offices. It would be a simple matter of locating the nearest workspace.

Speaking on the topic, Microsoft’s GM of Office Marketing Matt Donovan said,

You can imagine a future where all people in enterprises are working in the types of spaces that WeWork provides, with all the flexibility that entails. We’re starting that future early with Microsoft.

This will also let them travel extensively, cover much more ground and get more work done during a typical workday.

The current teaming up should be looked at as a pilot program — which it probably is from Microsoft’s perspective. Although Microsoft and WeWork have previously engaged in collaborations as well — for instance, when they signed a deal letting the latter’s employees access MS Office services — this new deal could see the companies take their relationship to an all new level.

Microsoft employees belonging to its sales team will also be able to access WeWork Hubs in Philadelphia and Portland. Microsoft’s Atlanta-based Advertising team will also be moving into WeWork Buckhead. Microsoft will also be able to test its new products and services within the WeWork community, which has 250+ employees and over 30,000 members.

Meanwhile, taking up workspaces from a third party can certainly be complicated — although it can be extremely useful as well. While smaller startups without an permanent offices of their own would be served very well by the likes of WeWork, it will be interesting to see if the same deal works for behemoths such as Microsoft.

Speaking on the topic, WeWork’s Chief Product Officer Dave Fano said,

They don’t know how they’re going to grow or if they’ll shrink and be spending money on unused space, which can be costly when these companies go into two- or three-year leases. WeWork can solve for that with the same financial flexibility that we offer smaller companies.

The company was named amongst the most innovative companies by Fast Company magazine, in 2015. The company has raised funding to the tune of an estimated $1 billion, with a valuation of almost $10 billion. It has its workspace hubs in  19 United States cities and 11 countries.

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