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Uber redesigns app, travel to your friends current location and more

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Uber is redesigning its application. The ride hailing company has just pushed a major update to its application that will revamp the user experience and hopefully make it easier to get to your destination.

Uber has come a long way from when it kicked off back in 2009. What began as an attempt to let people book rides on luxury cars has since then expanded into a global phenomenon. The company now operates in over 66 countries and 507 cities worldwide. From cars of all sizes and makes, the company has now expanded into other niches as well — including ride-sharing and scheduled rides.

However, all these new features were cluttering the app. One of Uber’s chief forte had been the fact that it made the ride booking process extremely simple. You just whip out your phone, punch in your destination and voila! Feeling that some of its newer additions may be complicating the process, Uber has decided to streamline its application.

Speaking on the topic, Uber’s senior product manager Yuhki Yamashita said,

We felt like we were being crushed by feature development. We’re literally running out of space.

Lets take a look at some of the news changes that are being introduced to the new app.

Ride types are now sections

The cab aggreagator has decided to sort the different types of rides it offers into different sections. While UberPOOL and UberX have been kept under the “Economy” section, Uber Select and Uber Black have been paired under “Luxury.”

The categorization does not require you to put on your thinking cap as it is based upon the amount of money you would need to shell out in order to reach your destination.

The company has also integrated Machine learning into its systems to make it easier for Drivers to reach you faster.

Reach people by typing in their names

This is actually really awesome. Although we still have some reservations and will have to wait to see if the feature is actually as successful as its potential.

Basically, you can type in a friend’s name in the destination bar instead of a particular address. Once that happens, you will receive an update from Uber about their exact location at that particular instant of time and you can then hail a cab to get to wherever that friend happens to be. Uber will be confirming the location of your friend by sending them a text message to your friend and asking him/her if they are willing to share their current location with you.

Along with cost, Uber will also give you an estimate of ride time

This is another interesting and highly useful feature. Uber has always been giving users an estimate of the bill they will incur when traveling to a particular destination. However, the company will now be offering you a rough estimate of the ride time.

You can also compare the time you would save if you were to say, take an UberX instead of UberPOOL. The app will also attempt to predict your probable destination on the basis of past trends or appointments from your calender. Uber says that all these updates are meant to reduce the time wasted in booking a ride.

Time is a luxury. And our engineers have been working hard to shave every millisecond possible off this app. Every second matter.

Needless to say though, if there is a jam, you will still waste time being stuck in it. We will have to wait for Uber’s flying cars for that issue to be solved.

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