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Tesla rival Fisker unveils design and specs of its débutante luxury sports sedan, EMotion

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Fisker Inc. has just made a very exciting and riveting reveal. The company has unveiled the design and specifications of its upcoming débutante vehicle, the luxury sport sedan all-electric EMotion. Apart from its great good looks — and the fabulous name, of course — the car will have a huge 400 mile range upon its electric battery and will have a top speed of 161 miles per hour.

While not much about the vehicle is known, it is undoubtedly very good looking. The EMotion renders that we have seen are sleek and while Fisker says that the design will help the car aerodynamically, it also makes it look even better. Fisker has also moved the interior space forward, again leading to improvements in the design a well as the space offered on the inside.

The car will be made of a composite frame that will have carbon fiber and aluminum as its chief elements. The car will be powered by batteries created using Graphene. The said batteries will be produced by Fisker Nanotech — a joint venture between Fisker and Nanotech Energy Inc.

The car will also pack all the capabilities required to boost it to self driving status in the future. The hardware for the same is being supplied by a third party supplier — and although Fisket kept mum on the name of the supplier for now, it said that details on the topic will be revealed soon. The company seems to harbor a deep love of superlatives while describing its maiden car though.

The debut vehicle from Fisker Inc. will be the most stunning, innovative and futuristic electric car in the world. Combining redefined proportions with game-changing battery technology, the car will boast the world’s longest electric range of any production vehicle on the road.

You might be unfamiliar with Fisker Inc, considering that the company was launched earlier this year. Based in California, it is an American electric vehicle automaker founded by Henrik Fisker, who was better known for the Karma automobile he manufactured under the Fisker Automobile brand name.

The Karma was the world’s first premium-plug in luxury sports sedan and was produced between 2011 and 2012. At the time of its launch, the vehicle was touted as as something with the potential to revolutionize the way we travel. The great range that the company traditionally promised with its products had a significant role to play in the hype which surrounded the Karma. However, after two battery recalls, the sole battery supplier to Fisker Automotive, A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy — which led to production for the Karma being suspended.

Which may also be why the company is taking greater precautions with the battery this time — launching a dedicated joint venture in Fisker Nanotech. Meanwhile, a electric powered luxury sedan that also packs self-driving capabilities? It appears to me as if EMotion is shaping up as a competitor to Tesla’s portfolio of cars. However, it will be a while before it starts shipping while Tesla’s cars are already hitting the roads.

Fisker has promised to reveal the shipping dates once the first actual car is displayed in the public, sometime near the middle of next year.

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