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Use Chrome on Windows? Well its 15 percent faster now!

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Google and Microsoft have lately been involved in a browser war with each company trying to show that its browser was better for your system. The battle also involved various videos, where each of these companies compared the performance of their browser against those of others. Along the same direction, Google announced a project to bring down memory usage and optimize its Chrome browser earlier this month. Google has now managed to make Chrome 15 percent faster on Windows.

The changes will appear from Chrome 53 release of 64-bit Chrome and version 54 of the 32-bit version. The company has apparently started implementing Microsoft’s Profile Guided Optimization technology towards improving Chrome. The implementation of the said technology has resulted in a significant speeding up of processes for the browser.

The PGO, in case you are wondering, is a system introduced by Microsoft that lets developers understand the interaction between users and application.  The data and understanding so obtained is then deployed to re-compile the application

While speed up startup times have been boosted by almost 17 percent, new tab page load times have gotten 15 percent faster. Overall page load times have also shown an improvement of almost 6 percent, thanks to these changes.

Speaking on the topic, Google’s Sébastien Marchand said,

Chrome is a huge software project with more than a million functions in its source code. Not all functions are equal – some are called frequently, while others are rarely used.  PGO uses data from runtime execution that track which functions are most common to guide optimization.

It is actually quite interesting that both Google’s browser and PGO have been around for quite some while, however, the Google development team saw fit to use it to optimize Chrome only now. This also goes to show that there can often be room for improvement in the most surprising of places.

Meanwhile, lets see what improvements Microsoft comes up with in answer to this latest speed upgrade from Google Chrome. Things would have been quite hopeless with the Internet Explorer, however, Microsoft has found itself a new, worthier champion in the Edge browser.

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