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Samsung C-lab’s new startups double down on music and wearables

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Many of you might be unaware of the fact that Samsung runs a startup incubator program called “C-lab”. The program is in place to encourage company employees to innovate and come up with their own ideas and startups. Startups from C-lab have managed to come up with various innovative and intriguing ideas and the latest vintage is similarly interesting.

Announcing the companies, Samsung said,

Samsung has always been a company dedicated to improving lives through technology. But at the heart of that innovation is Samsung’s Creative Lab Projects (C-Lab) – an in-house incubator program that helps its employees nurture their own creative business ideas and launch new startup companies.

The companies include Hum on!, Waffle, ItsyWatch, Ahead, LiCON and FITT360. Lets take a deeper look at some of the most interesting startups out of C-lab’s coffers.

Hum On!


Okay, so Hum On! is a pretty interesting concept. The application lets create your own music simply by humming to your smartphone. The application then convert’s the user’s humming into a musical notation, letting folks with little or no industrial training write music on any instrument. Sweet right?



Next up is waffle. It is a social networking service for the more artistic of us. Waffle lets users to draw and leave doodles on other user’s wall. Users can also add stories or other visual content o make more fascinating and complex social artwork. The platform is all about making art and social come together. You also get options like liking and commenting upon artwork and using hashtags.



With smartwatches becoming the norm, it is but natural that devices catering to kids should also come up. ItsyWatch is a wearable device for children that, instead of getting them to start chatting from an early age, it helps them build good habits. The device also lets kids care for their own virtual pets, which believe it or not, can inoculate a bunch of good habits in them without their parents having to deal with the additional burden of a real, live pet around the house.



Ahead is another pretty innovative startup to come out of Samsung C-labs. The main product from Ahead takes the form of a communication device which lets users listen to music and receive voice notifications while they are riding upon their bikes or cycles and have their hands otherwise occupied.



This is my personal favorite. The startup aims to let users adjust in a world that is rapidly finding itself attacked by devices running on the Internet of Things. You can recognize iOT devices by launching the app, snapping a picture of any smart device and then using the application to control the said device.



FITT360 is a wearable 360 degree camcorder that lets users capture everything that is happening around them at any given moment.The device is basically a 360-degree cameras, but unlike other 360-degree cameras which are prone to be bulky and inconvenient, FITT360 lets users forget that they are encumbered with heavy apparatuses.

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