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Apple’s new TV app works on iPhone and iPad too

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Apple’s event has finally kicked off with a new Apple TV announcement. The event is taking place after ages and ages and we can’t wait but see what the company pulls out of its hat. A new MacBook Pro promises to be the highlight of the event however, there are plenty of other good things to go around as well. CEO Tim Cook gave us a look at the new Apple TV app and at what he believes is in store for the future of television in general.

The Apple CEO kicked off the event by saying that his company believes the future of TV to be apps — an obvious statement perhaps, however, coming from Cook it is still a very important declaration. Cook then went on to talk about how there already are 8,000 applications available on the Apple TV platform.

Having 8,000 applications is certainly great, however, searching and sifting through them can sometimes be a pain in the neck — particularly when you can not access them on all of your devices. And that is why, Apple has decided to launch a new app called TV.

We want this to be the one place to access all of your television. Today we’re announcing a new app, we simply call it TV.

The new application — hold your horses, it is finally here — will work on iPhones, iPads and Apple TV.  The new application is capable of showing you all of your shows across all of your apps in a single place. This is certainly a nice addition considering that you won’t have to jump devices and will always have a ready list of ready to watch content for you.

Similar to Apple music, hand-curated collections created by Apple editors are also going to be available. What’s more, Siri will work inside the TV app on iOS too and will remember what you were watching and where you left it off.

You can also use Siri to watch live content. Simply go “watch news” or “Siri, show me football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid” and if it is happening live, you can catch it live. In other related news, Twitter has also updated its Apple TV application to make live streaming more social.

Oh oh, I almost forgot to mention, Microsoft is also brining Minecraft to the Apple TV. It was a brief announcement but one that made every minecraft fan perk up his/her ears. You will now be able to build worlds straight from the Apple TV. Yaaay!

Key Features within the new Apple TV app:

That was what we took away from the event. Apple has already released a press release through its Newsroom, where it has also outlined the key features of the Apple TV application. There you go.

  • Watch Now: As the name implies, this feature can let users jump to their own collection of available shows and movies from both iTunes and apps. 
  • Up Next: Here is where you go if you want to check out the shows and movies you are currently watching. The list also includes recent iTunes rentals and purchases — and are all automatically presented in the order, Apple thinks they are most likely to be watched first. 
  • Recommended: Explore curated and trending shows and movies from Apple Editors. The section also has categories and genres that include kids, sci-fi and comedy for hardcore fans.
  • Library: Access their entire collection of iTunes movies and TV shows from right here. Titles include both rentals and those you have purchased on iTunes.
  • Store: Check out the Store to sate your thirst for something new. Here, you can discover awesome content across different video services that you have not even downloaded or subscribed to yet. 

The new Apple TV application will be available through an iOS and tvOS update near the end of the year.

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