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Learn Journalism through these online Facebook courses

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Who says Facebook is a waste of time. The social media platform is launching a slew of new online courses that will put the lie to everyone who says that the social media platform is for procrastination only. Facebook will literally make you learn things and is kicking off the program through its online journalism based, Facebook courses.

Yes indeed. Facebook has launched an online training program for learning the art of journalism. Let us warn you though, this course won’t exactly equip you with the skills to work at newspapers. The course is focused towards using Facebook products for spreading the word around.

We’re proud today to launch Facebook’s online training for journalists, free e-learning courses inspired by conversations with editors and journalists across the globe who asked for a single destination where they can learn about Facebook’s products, tools and services for use in their work.

The course has been made available through Blueprint, which is Facebook’s global training and certification program. The program will train and take you through the three core pillars of the news cycle. Through these Facebook courses, you will learn the nuances of discovering content, creating stories, and building an audience.

Along with best practices and guidelines, the Facebook courses include How Journalists Can Best Utilize Facebook and Instagram and courses on a variety of products such as Facebook Live, 360 videos & photos, and Instant Articles. Also present will be guides and modules upon getting started on Facebook and growing your presence. The course starts from the very basics and takes you through the hoops required to become a competent Facebook advertiser.

We’ve heard from journalists that they need more information when deciding between setting up a Page or a profile and about how to manage privacy settings. The “Getting Started” course seeks to answer all of those questions and covers key steps for building out a professional journalistic voice on the platform.

Facebook has also promised to launch webinars on the site that will be customized according to the customer and thus, will deliver a maximum impact. The webinars will be organized on the basis of new products, features, level of experience using Facebook as a journalist and so on. The company has also promised to translate these courses into 8 languages, so as to ensure a global reach for the program.

Well, in an era where online learning it taking the world by storm, you couldn’t really have expected Facebook to lag for long. The company already offers a slew of trainings and certifications and through these latest Facebook courses, it will also be educating, empowering and equipping journalists with the ability to use its platform.

You can learn more about the program and even register, by going to Facebook Blueprint.

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