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Facebook Signal can help journalists gather news

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Last month, Facebook launched a tool called “Signal” that is capable of keeping track of activity on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Signal is particularly useful for journalists, who can use it to keep track of activity on social media platforms.

The tool has been launched in response to various journalist requests regarding a tool with the ability to make Facebook a more vital part of their news gathering processes. As one of the largest gatherings of humans ever, the social media network is privy to a lot of news, both new and old.

Using Facebook Signal, journalists can find and gather content from a variety of social media sources. Categories available include sports, religion, politics and so on.

Speaking on the topic, Andy Mitchell, Facebook’s director of media partnerships said,

Journalists interested in seeing what conversations are resonating on Facebook can monitor which topics are trending and then quickly display related content that has been shared publicly — unranked and in chronological order — from both people and Pages for deeper context on those trends.

He also added that,

Search functionality makes it easy to surface content directly related to a story or topic they are tracking

In addition, journalists can also access lists of public figures that are being ranked by number of mentions  upon Facebook. The number of mentions also takes into account, real-time conversations. Public figure in this list may include Politicians, Authors, Actors, Musicians, Sports Teams, Players, and so on.

Folks out on a news gathering spree can also use Facebook Signal in tandem with Instagram to make searches using stuff like location-tag and topic-related search functionality. So the system basically wants to keep journalists apprised with news and trending content and events that are taking place on Social Media.

And the best part is that Facebook Signal is capable of saving all these selections you make, whether its a photo or Instagram or an article, for future use as well.

Facebook Signal live video support

Last week, Facebook announced a new update in the capabilities of its news-gatherer, Facebook Signal tool. The update takes the form of  support for live video. This video streaming means that there’ll be a new column in the dashboard to cater to interesting and trending live videos.

The ideas are certainly good. Facebook has a huge following and it could well leverage them so as to let journalists rely upon it’s a premium source for news gathering and curation

Explaining the decision to include Live Videos as well, Áine Kerr, Facebook’s manager of journalism partnerships, said,

Through our conversations with newsrooms, we’ve learned that journalists want to use more Facebook Live content, and today’s update aims to make that easier.

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