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Microsoft launches India’s first Cybersecurity Engagement Center

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Months ago, Microsoft announced that it will be launching dedicated Cybersecurity Engagement Centers to counter the growing threat to the Internet. Well, capitalizing upon the promise, the company has launched its first CSEC in the country, in Delhi.

The centers are meant to offer aid to government and private sector bodies that are affected by cyber threats. They will also aid other companies in taking preemptive measures towards ensuring that they do not become the victims of threats from the web.

The timing of this initiative is particularly significant. We have only recently managed to uncover a huge cyber attack on banks and other financial institutions that has lead to the pilfering of debit card data for millions of Indian customers. While its magnitude and scope brought it into public attention, this is certainly not the only attack of its sort.

Speaking on the topic,  Bhaskar Pramanik, chairman, Microsoft India said,

Data is becoming the driver of growth and innovation across every sector and will catalyze the fourth industrial revolution. We believe security of critical information is imperative for our corporate customers, just as it is vital to ensure security and privacy of citizen data and transactions… Our cyber security investments in the country underline our relentless commitment to partnering India in realizing its digital vision.

As a country with a large number of Internet subscribers and an even larger number of those waiting to get on board, India is a pretty important destination. Which is also a reason behind Microsoft’s interest in maintaining the security and sanctity of the Internet here.

The company said that unmanaged and unregulated IT assets usage, procurement and maintenance, along with an inadequate knowledge of cyber hygiene are the chief reasons behind the poor state of affairs here. Hopefully, the company’s presence here will be able to provide some stimulus towards maintaining and upgrading the same.

The center will work in association with Microsoft’s Redmond Digital Crimes Unit. Meanwhile, there has not been any word on what kind of payments the company will require in return for its services.

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