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Microsoft Surface lineup brings in 38 percent more revenue, shaping up to be iPad competitor

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Microsoft’s decision to drop the idea of building Nokia phones and focusing most of its attention upon its surface lineup appears to be paying off. That, combined with several other factors favorable to Surface growth has led to a good quarter for the company with regards to revenue from the Surface lineup. According to the company’s latest financial report, revenue from its Surface line saw an increase of almost 38% in 3rd quarter, over last year.

According to the report,  the Surface lineup played a critical role in Microsoft’s overall growth. The sector drew 38 percent more revenue than it did last year. The figures denote a significant warming of the masses towards the lineup. And you really have to give credit to Microsoft as well, some of its new Surface devices (Surface Pro 4 afor instance) have brought significant improvements over their predecessors.

Moving into figures, the Surface lineup brought $926 million into Microsoft’s coffers during the last quarter. This is up from $672 million in the same quarter, last year. Comparatively, Apple’s iPad lineup ( which is directly at odds with Surface) saw a revenue growth of merely 11 percent. Certainly, Apple’s iPad business is much bigger than Surface — revenue grew up to $4.9 billion, up from $4.4 billion in 3rd quarter, last year — and that ought to figure somewhere.

However, the rapid growth of the Surface lineup should make Apple sit up and take notice. Specially since it was the first growth in almost 10 straight quarters, witnessed by the company’s iPad lineup. With no other flagship device with comparable specs, hype and the premium tag in the market at the moment, it will be fight between Microsoft’s Surface lineup and Apple’s iPad series to pull in more customers.

The recent figures are quite interesting, as it might just be the first time the the Surface lineup has figured as a serious competitor for iPads. Microsoft appears to be well aware of the importance of getting a lead and is focusing a lot of its attention upon ad campaigns and marketing, along with launching new, innovative products. The company is hosting an event on the 26th of October where most fans are hoping for yet another Surface tablet to augment the existing roster of devices.

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