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Marvel releases Guardians of the Galaxy 2 teaser

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And they are back. If you are a Marvel fan, or at least liked watching the Guardians of the Galaxy movie — well, the poisonous crew is here to entertain you with their witticism and the devil may care attitude again. The first teaser of the movie is out and it has re-invoked the fond feelings we had about the franchise.

The movie is slated for a release in May, 2017. However, the first teaser is already out. It shows the same old group with some new characters and a pretty small, adorable Groot. The teaser appeared to be equal parts action mixed with equal parts of humor.

I wonder what the movie is going to be about. Now that the infinity stone is no longer a threat — the franchise may introduce some new villains. However, there are other infinity stones as well, so you never now. Meanwhile, we leave you with an awesome B&W poster of the movie — released by Marvel — and the teaser as well. Enjoy!


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