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Google’s G suite is getting a bunch of new, interesting features

G Suite
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Google’s G suite, which is what the company has taken to calling all of its productivity tools put together, is getting some new features. The update is expected to ramp up the suite’s productivity with regards to work-flows within large organizations and provide users with new, innovative ways to assign work and much more.

Announcing the launch of the products, the company said,

One of the core promises of Google Docs is to help you and your team go from collecting ideas to achieving your goals as quickly and easily as possible. Today, we’re introducing five new time-saving features designed to speed up and simplify the way you work, so you can focus on bringing your team’s ideas to life.

Okay so lets take a look at these new G Suite features one by one. First up is the ability to create and assign work to others. So, you can type something like “Joy, create a spreadsheet with the names of all our employees” and have an action item pop up. You can then have the G suite assign this action item to Joy, who will then know what to do. These items can also be created manually, so if you have multiple Joys in your office, or if want to make sure that the right person gets the task — well, go right ahead.

G Suite

The automatic assignment feature only works in Docs on the desktop. However, you can manually create and assign tasks in Docs, Sheets and Slides on desktop as well as mobile. And yes, Joy also gets an e-mail about the created task, so there is no squiggling out or saying that “I wasn’t informed about it” either.

Files that have an action item attached to them show a special badge, so in case it is you who has been assigned an action item, the file which requires action will stand out and get your attention. The same also applies to any unresolved suggestions that others may have made with respect to your files.

G Suite

Google Forms is also getting beefed up. While creating form items, you will be able to see suggestions as to what responses to that particular item can be. So, say you are creating an item that requires users to fill in their shoe numbers, Google will come up with a list of possible sizes you can put in. This new feature is courtesy the company’s machine learning capabilities.

Google has also teamed up with Slack to give organizations that use the latter, an extra boost to their productivity. Google’s G suite has now been integrated within Slack conversations. You can create the “+” button within conversations on the Slack platform to do stuff like creating documents, spreadsheets or import files.

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