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Apple may unveil new Macs at it’s October 27 event!

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Apple’s upcoming October 27 event has the market abuzz with rymors. We have been hearing all kinds of things about the fantastic new technology and the new device iterations, that Apple is apparently planning to introduce come October 27th. Well, the company has sent out the official invites and it appears as if the company may be unveiling a brand new Macintosh system as well!

Yup. Apple has sent out the official invites for its October 27th event — confirming the date as well, although it had been something of an open secret by now. More interestingly though, reading between the lines of Apple’s announcement has led many to believe that the company may be unveiling a brand new device along its Macintosh system lineups.

The invite doesn’t really give much away. There is a colorful Apple logo followed by the actual invite.

Join us here on October 27 at
10 a.m. PDT to watch the keynote live.

Ho9wever, it is what lies between the image and the invite that has caught our attention. And it is a bold “Hello Again”. Apple has often associated the phrase with its Mac launches — beginning with the launch of the first Mac system all these decades ago in 1984, which displayed the word “Hello” upon its screen. The company has since then, been using “Hello Again” for many of its new launches.

And it is anyways about time to launch a new device along the lineup. Meanwhile, the new Macs are likely to bring about several pretty interesting changes. The devices are expected to pack in Intel’s 7th generation processor, as well as AMD’s cool new Polaris graphics chips. The row with all the function keys is expected to be replaced by an OLED strip called the Dynamic Function Row, as well. Leaks also suggest significant upgraded security — including the introduction of touch ID perhaps — to the new Macs.

Meanwhile, you can watch the event live on Apple’s stream. We will also be providing you with an in-depth coverage of the event, including reviews, technical details and more. So make sure you check back here on the 27th.

Until then, stay tuned!

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