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Huawei’s new chip outperforms iPhone 7 and Note 7 SoCs in benchmark tests

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Huawei has come up with a brand new processor that is shaping up to be a literal beast. Yup, the Chinese tech firm has recently unveiled the Kirin 960, and according to reports, the new chip was able to outperform even the A10 (iPhone 7) and the Snapdragon 821 (Samsung Galaxy Note 7) systems in various benchmark tests.

Unveiled at a Shanghai event, the Kirin 960 is an 8-core System On Chip (SoC) that deploys four of ARM’s new Cortex-A73 cores and another four, relatively low-powered A53 cores. The SoC also packs the Mali G71 MP8 GPU, enabling it to provide users with an extremely high degree of graphics performance. In case you are familiar with Kirin’s previous iteration, the 950, the new SoC is expected to provide up to 1.8 times the former’s graphic performance.

The Kirin 960 SoC is replacing Kirin 950 as Huawei’s premium chip and although it has been unveiled before the public only now, we can expect Huawei’s upcoming event to feature a few devices with the 960 under the hood. Considering that Huawei is expected to revive the Mate series at its event, well, we might just see a much more powerful Mate 9 device this year.

The company showed off its processor speeds by putting an unidentified device running the 960 through a series of benchmark tests, along with Apple’s iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. While opening and running multiple applications, the chip managed to best both A10 (iPhone 7) and the Snapdragon 821 (Note 7). After 14 applications were opened, results showed that Huawei’s device was able to open 13 applications faster than both the iPhone 7 and the Note 7.

In single core tests at the Geekbench, Apple’s A10 managed to get the upper hand however, Kirin 960 managed to best both A10 and Snapdraogn 821, after scoring  6,000+ in the multi-core test. Both the A10 and Snapdragon 821 are the best in class, and while benchmark scores are not the only or the most important parameter in deciding the quality of a chip, besting these two does give you a fair idea of Kirin 960’s capabilities.

Other advantages associated with the 960 included improved battery efficiency and a significantly improved Camera. While Huawei — which interestingly, is using Pokemon Go as a point of comparison — says that users would be able to almost double their playtime, the chip also offers native support for dual cameras.

Well, the chip may have made the anticipation level for Huawei’s upcoming event climb up a few notches. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a Mate 9 with a Kirin 960 SoC under its hood.

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