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Facebook Messenger “Conversation Topics” feature can suggest ice breakers

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Facebook really wants you to keep on chatting using its Messenger application. The company has rolled out a feature that will provide you with suggestions so as to what you should talk about.  While all the details about the update aren’t clear yet — as it hasn’t been rolled out to everyone or even announced — it appears to be part of Facebook’s strategy to increase user engagement.

The feature was first brought to public notice by an iOS user who posted about it on Twitter. According to him, the messenger was offering suggestions upon what you should talk about with a particular friends, based upon their recent activity. Sweet, right?

The feature still appears to be in a test phase, as not everyone can see it at the moment. However, users who do see it, can see conversation topic suggestions right under  a friend’s name in the Messenger’s activity indicator, which also shows you when that particular person was last online.

So for example, if your friend has visited a a particularly interesting place, the feature might suggest that you start up a conversation about that.

The feature is certainly interesting, and is in keeping with the out of box thinking that Facebook usually brings to whatever it does. It could potentially be a great way to kick-start many new conversations as people using messenger, get Facebook delivering ice-breakers to them. More ice breaks, more folks engage in conversation, greater user engagement on messenger with its 1 Billion+ users and so on.

We have also been hearing of rumors about a new “Rooms” project. The feature is still unannounced and unreleased, but many people have spotted it within the Messenger app code. So it would appear that Facebook has something else brewing as well, kind of like a forum to discuss particular topics with particular people, perhaps? Most people agree that Rooms will be something like public chat rooms and will revolve around particular topics and so on.

Between conversation topics and Rooms, Facebook may just manage to keep users hooked to the messenger for longer periods of time. We will let you know when any of them hit the public.

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