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Apple’s Project Titan has reportedly been scaled down

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Every major corporation is moving into the self driving niche these days. Apple was supposed to be creating something of its own under a project titled as “Titan”. The project was supposed to be extremely pioneering in nature. However if the latest reports are to be believed, the company may actually be scaling down and reining some of its ambitions in the field.

According to Bloomberg, which cites people familiar with the matter, Apple has significantly scaled down its Project Titan. The process has included hundreds of job cut. What’s more, the company appears to have lost interest in building its own car and instead is focusing upon the system itself.

Apparently, Apple now wants to focus its attention upon building the self driving systems. This new direction would provide the company with the flexibility to set itself up as a third party provider of technologies in an industry that is almost certain to see a huge demand in the coming years. On the other hand, it would also have the option to shift back and set up its own manufacturing facilities to churn out cars, should it want to at some point in the future.

Apparently, these changes come after huge rounds of brainstorming at the HQs of the company. It seems as if the company had embarked upon this program and was taken unawares by various issues that also included problems in the supply chain.

Many experts are also saying that margins could have been a reason. Contrary to appearances, carmakers usually have pretty thing margins of 10 percent or less. After selling its tech loaded, high margin products, delving into the prospect of turning into a carmaker probably came as a shock to the Cupertino giant. That may be just why it has decided to leave the actual car making to established automakers and instead decided to focus its attention upon developing the technology to drive the cars of the future.

The company has spent considerable resources into getting everything for self driving technology into place. It set up facilities and infrastructure, collected a team around a 1000 strong and so on. Many experts concur that its investment into Didi may also have been influenced partly by its desire to get its hand upon the driving data accumulated by the cab aggragator.

So, the company is almost certain to continue still going ahead with its schemes for the emerging self-driving car market. Judging by the latest reports though, Apple’s plans may have been shifted to another, somewhat less risky lane.

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