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Galaxy S7 series gets some Note 7 features through an update

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 series is history. The devices were pretty great and if not for the fact that they posed a danger to the physical well being of their users, may have turned out to be Samsung’s most popular phones ever. The South Korean company is now bringing some of their best features to devices of the Galaxy S7 series, through an update.

The update meant for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices, is available on the Galaxy app store. You can get it under the tag v1.4.02, and it brings several options that were earlier limited to the Note 7 series, to the S7 and S7 Edge devices.

Among the all new features that will be available on your S7 series of devices once you install this update are, a new calendar option, a bran new digital clock which comes with a customizable text signature. You can change the signature to different color or fonts according yo your particular preferences.

Once you install this update, you can also view the music track that is currently playing using the Always On Display. This again, was a feature that was introduced through the Note 7 devices and has now been brought to the S7.

The greatest update that has been brought about by this update is the ability limit the power consumption of the Always on display to less than 1 percent of battery every hour. This feature is pretty significant as users were reporting a considerable draw on battery. This draw should now be reduced, for users who chose to install the update.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see if Samsung brings other Note 7 features to S7, Edge and perhaps some other flagship phones. The Note 7 was feature loaded and was being called as one of the best devices ever produced by the company — before it started blowing up. Integrating its features into existing — and non explosive — smartphones is a pretty smart move on Samsung’s part.

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