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Netflix may offer offline viewing feature later in the year

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One of the biggest issue with most major online streaming services is the lack of portability. You can watch videos sure, but only as long as you have a good, stable Internet connection. No Internet, no content. While that is all well and good while you are rocking an unlimited Wi-Fi connection at you home, what about when you go out and are running on data? Netflix may soon join content providers that are now moving to solve this issue.

The rumor mill has been going into overdrive lately, with talk of Netflix’s new, upcoming feature. Apparently, the company is soon going to let viewers download and save videos to their devices while connected to the Wi-Fi. Once saved, users can chose to watch these videos at their pleasure.

YouTube offers something similar. However, you still need Internet connectivity to access the “Saved Videos” featureBut, the experience is still significantly improved as only a very small amount of data is required and you can watch the saved videos in the same resolution, you downloaded them into.

There has not been any official word on the matter yet, however, sources indicate that such a feature may make an appearance by the end of the year. It will also be interesting to see if Netflix allows users to share videos. Many other providers, YouTube included, don’t allow users to share the downloaded content. Why? Well, because it forces the user to keep coming back to the application.

Well, lets keep our fingers crossed for this feature. I know a really great place which offers free Wi-fi facility and i have been positively itching to binge watch some of the great original series’s Netflix has been spewing out of late. This feature, if it does roll out, would certainly help a lot.

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