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LinkedIn might soon come up with bookmarks for posts

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LinkedIn is a pretty popular platform. It allows you to connect with like minded professionals and make relationships that can help chisel out your own career. The company has been doubling down upon improving the goods on offer and lately, we got hints that a much requested feature could soon be making its way to the portal.

LinkedIn is a great place to receive updates of all sorts. The feed, which is quite similar to Facebook, lets you receive all kinds of updates from professionals and companies you have followed. Its also a good way to keep track of the changes that are occurring across any particular industry.

However, amidst all the news and updates, you can often miss track of relevant stories. Indeed, many times, I have left a particular news article or update for later, and then found myself unable to find it again. This is a common issue across the platform and we have had users asking for a feature to correct this issue time and again.

Well, it seems like a solution may finally be coming. Commenting in response to a user post that “Posts should have a bookmarking option within LinkedIn, like Read Later”, LinkedIn India Head Akshay Kothari, said

It’s coming soon. //cc Jeff Birkeland

Jeff Birkeland, who has been tagged in response to the above, is actually Director of Product and LinkedIn. So yup, he probably knows more about new features. He even responded right away.

Thanks for the feedback. Are you using mobile (iOS or Android) or Desktop?

Well, we certainly hope that such a feature makes its way to the platform at the earliest. While the remarks of the executives certainly rouse hope, they have carefully abstained from defining the “soon“.

LinkedIn may be significantly more useful for professionals than Facebook, however, the latter offers users much better communication facilities. Also, if you are a regular LinkedIn user, you will probably relate to the fact that finding a post or an update once you have lost track of it, can be a real pain.

Look at me, I have been trying to find the above post since the past half and hour to see if there have been any updates. No luck though. These are the kind of issues that will be resolved, once the company comes up with the much requested feature.

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