ISIS uses booby trapped drone to kill two Kurdish fighters, injure others

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Technology is a pretty great thing. It has led to a lot of innovations in the world and led to groundbreaking developments. However, just like everything else, it also has the potential to be used to cause damage. And we came by a piece of new today which just shows that how even the most sophisticated technology can be used to cause damage in the crudest of forms. ISIS has used a booby trapped drone to kill two Kurdish fighters this month.

The news comes from the New York Times, which cites the Pentagon. Apparently, the small surveillance drone was shot down in Northern Iraq and later taken back to an outpost of Kurdish fighters. Once there, they tried to disassemble it and that is when things went horribly wrong.

What was supposed to be a casual take-apart process went all wrong, when the drone exploded, killing two Kurdish fighters. Two members of the French special forces are also reported to have been injured by the explosion.

Meanwhile, the event has sparked off alarm across the forces battling ISIS and many commanders have issued notices that, any drone like object is to be treated as an explosive device. ISIS has been experimenting with using cheap drones, first for surveillance, and now apparently for battle. However, this is the first reported instance where one of its makeshift suicidal drones have actually managed to inflict such damage.

Meanwhile, Pentagon is looking into the issue. Exploding drones have been something that it has been long aware of, although no concrete efforts have yet been made towards solving the issue, apart from arming somw groups with anti drone technologies. Clearly, that is not enough.

Pentagon has also set up a  Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization with the aim of dealing with problems similar to those posed by these drones. The organization has also put in a request for $20 million of funding from the Congress to combat the issue. Meanwhile, exploding drones continue to be a rampant problem for the forces battling ISIS, and one that is only likely to increase in scale unless some aid arrives.

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