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Google and Facebook collaborate to lay down 12,800 KMs of super high-speed cable

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In today’s world, data has become as costly as gold. Everyone, you and me included, are constantly transmitting data from one place to another. Transmission of data around the world take place through various means, which commonly include undersea cables. Google and Facebook are among corporations that crunch up huge amounts of data. As such, news of these tech behemoths linking arms to lay down a 12,800 KMs long cable, does not really come as a surprise.

The 12,800 KM long cable will connect Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and will have a large, huge bandwidth of 120 terabits per second. The cable along with the huge bandwidth will help Google and Facebook better cater to the needs of their users on the Asian continent. Asia has obviously emerged as a huge market for both these behemoths and unlike Europe or America, it still offers them a lot of room to grow.

That said, laying down cables to enhance the quality of their services in the continent, is probably smart. Google is particularly active in laying down these cables and own stakes in several huge, data transmitting cable routes across the planet. While most Internet entities are content with leasing space on these wires from those who actually lay them down, Google and Facebook are laying them down themselves — and with Alexa website popularity ranks of 1 and 3 respectively, the move makes a lot of sense.

The cable goes under the name of Pacific Light Cable Network, and it is expected to be operational in 2018. The route is also expected to particularly help Google deliver its G Suite and other Google Cloud services to the Asia-Pacific region. As far as Facebook is concerned, it might just help improve the quality of service in the continent.

Meanwhile, it is not the only route that Facebook or Google are dependent upon. While Facebook is a part of several other cable laying schemes — including a partnership with Microsoft that spans the Atlantic — this is the 6th cable which will have Google as one of its owners.


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