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Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Artificial Intelligence is finally here

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Customer Relationship Management or the CRM industry, is going through one of its good phases. While well established giants such as SalesForce are constantly ramping up their capabilities, many other major players are now moving out of the relative fringes they had been doing business in, by introducing brand new technologies into the mix. Along the same, Microsoft has announced the general availability of Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365, in case you are unaware of it, is basically part of Microsoft’s attempt to create the next generation of intelligent business management applications. The customer relationship management software enables organizations to grow and cater to the needs of their customers. Microsoft had already announced last summer that it was going to unify its CRM and ERP capabilities into a single platform. Dynamics 365 is the result of the very same effort.

The new platform offers enterprises the ability to cater to a wide variety customer management related issues. From Sales to Customer Service, from Operations to Financials, Dynamics 365 is also able to provide enterprises with capabilities to handle Field Service, Project Service Automation, Marketing, and Customer Insights. Many of these new integrations have been made possible, courtesy a generous sprinkling of Machine Learning and AI.

Microsoft is not the only tech major to be dabbling with the introduction of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence into its Customer Relations Management software. SalesForce and Oracle, both companies with a significant presence in customer relations management systems, have already announced Dreamforce and Oracle Open World respectively. Both these platforms deploy AI to make the customer relation management experience more convenient for enterprises.

According to Microsoft, Dynamics 365 will provide enterprises with an all new dimension for their CRM experience.

Designed to help improve manufacturing and supply chain execution, make field service operations more efficient, sell more effectively and ultimately deliver exceptional customer experiences, built-in intelligence capabilities are infused throughout Dynamics 365 apps including: sentiment and intent analysis, preemptive service, relationship insights, lead and opportunity scoring, product recommendations and up-sell/cross-sell, and many more.

The company has also introduced several standalone, cloud based services, that can be used to automate various CRM actions depending upon the kind of data that is received. For example, Customer Insights can be used by enterprises to integrate their CRM with a variety of data sources. The services then analyzes the data by applying intelligence to it to give you a 360-degree customer view with automatic suggestions.

The service is integrated with all sorts of Microsoft applications and you can also scale it up per your needs.

Built to take full advantage of the capabilities in Power BI, Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Cortana Intelligence, with Dynamics 365 you can start small and scale on demand to deal with your biggest business challenges.

The company has also launched Relationship Insights. The service is also capably of analyzing things like sentiments, using a variety of complex data analysis and machine learning techniques. This analysis is way more important than it looks at first glance — as any well entrenched businessman can tell you — and can give you stats like the probability of closing the deal, the next best steps to take and so on.

We can expect Microsoft to continue adding to these systems until perhaps one day, AI starts playing a central role in our businesses. Microsoft is launching the service in over 135 markets with support for over 40 languages. It will hit the shelfs beginning November 1.

You can learn more about the Dynamics 365 system by clicking this link.

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