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Apple’s $120 million win over Samsung reinstated by US appeals court

Apple Vs Samsung
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In a big win for Apple, a US federal appeals court has agreed to reinstate the company’s $120 million victory over rival Samsung in association with a patent case. The South Korean company is now left with the option of repealing the decision in front of higher courts.

The case dates all the way back to 2012, when the companies accused each other of copying features used in some of their most popular smartphones and tablets. In particular, this case involves the iPhone 5, which was released in September 2012, and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 , which was also launched in 2012.

In case you are wondering, the litigation involved some of the more popular features, that are available on both Apple and Samsung flagships. These features include slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quick links, with both the companies claiming these features as their own innovation.

This case has literally seen the courts unable to make up their minds. In 2014, the courts had ruled in Apple’s favor, awarding it damages. In February however, the Jury decided to overturn the decision and side with the Side Korean giant. Fast forward to Friday and the Jury voted 8 Vs 3 in Apple’s favor, awarding the company almost $120 million in patent infringement damages, to be paid by Samsung.

Meanwhile, the South Korean giant hasn’t been having particularly good luck in taking on Apple in the courts. Just last December, it lost a  different patent battle to Apple and was ordered to pay $548.2 million in damages. Although, the company hasn’t coughed up that amount yet either and is hoping to get the Supreme court to turn the decision over.

We can expect it to resort to similar tactics in order to keep from paying this $120 million as well, however, going by its track record in the courts, I wouldn’t place all my money on Samsung winning. Meanwhile, we can expect the affair to drag on for some time in this court or that, before one of these companies finally manage to get the other conclusively cornered. Patent cases are usually long, messy affairs and this one, promises to be no exception.

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