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Prisma now lets you convert your video to artworks

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If you enjoyed using Prisma’s capabilities to turn your pictures into artwork, well, you are going to love this. The application is being updated with a huge new feature for iOS, namely, support for videos. And yes, that means exactly what you think.

The application will now be able to apply its deep learning algorithms to videos and will convert them into playable animations. Similar to with the pictures, these animations can also vary depending upon the filter you have selected. So basically, Prisma is giving you a bunch of filters, chose one of them and voilà! Your video clip is converted to animation.

At present, a total of nine filters are available to be applied to your video clips. The clips have been limited to 15 second videos at present, but Prisma could increase the duration of videosin the future. Although, rendering videos into cartoons is probably proving to be harder than converting images.

The new feature works by converting the videos on a frame by frame basis. So the process is still the same — after all, a video is just a progression of images right? Prisma’s new feature lets its deep learning algorithms take hold of each frame and convert them into animation. This leads to an all new video that looks animated while still retaining a marked resemblance to the original video.

You can record the videos after opening the Prisma application or chose one from the gallery. Understandably, converting videos requires more time and can take up to a couple of minutes. Also, since the conversion is done locally on your device, don’t worry if the iPhone gets a bit warm.

The feature is limited to iOS for now and videos that can be converted, are limited to 15 second clips. The company is planning to bring it to Android as well however, Prisma on Android will bring support for offline image conversion first. Offline support could take around a week or so, after which, the company will follow up with video support.

While Prisma is not the first app to bring this functionality to videos, co-founder Aram Airapetyan believes that it is the best. On asked to compare Prisma’s video conversion feature with PicsArt’s Magic Video, he said,

We’re faster and better, taking into account the fact that we’re launching videos in beta, as the final quality will be much better.

With this, Prisma is probably hoping to keep up the excitement around its application. Prisma was a huge hit when it released, aggregating millions of downloads in a short span of time. However, the initial momentum has been somewhat lost. By releasing video conversion tools that are able to turn the most boring recording into comic strips, the company is looking to generate new users for its platform.

The technology is also being incorporated and used by individual entities. For example, music group Tweed decided to use Prisma tech in one of their videos and the effect is pretty interesting — you can watch it by clicking this link. Meanwhile, the company still has a rather uncertain future. While it has a great application for converting pictures, it lacks a social platform, say like Snapchat or Instagram. The company may either decide to build a platform around its application, or partner up with one of these entities.

The company is currently generating revenue by including sponsored styles into its roster of picture editing filters. Prisma already has one sponsored filter called Gett and it may be bringing another later this month. Although, in my opinion, integration of sponsored filters won’t be the company’s end game. It is going to have to look for alternate sources of revenue. Wheather that comes from external funding or acquisition or from some other source, remains to be seen.


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