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Google to open retail store in Spring Street, Lower Manhattan

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We love shopping online. After all, there is something pretty satisfying about the experience of ordering while comfotably sitting in your pajamas. However, there is still an allure to brick and mortar stores. Walking inside, interacting with the sales executives, picking up and handling whatever you want to buy. This is especially true of electronics, where going to the store gives you a real feel of the device that no amount of reading spec sheets can match. That may be why Google is opening up a MadeByGoogle retail store in New York.

The company will be opening up shop at 96 Spring Street, Lower Manhattan. The store is set to open its doors to customers on October 20th. As the MadeByGoogle part of its name implies, it will be stocked with the merchandise the Mountain View based company unveiled at Tuesday’s hardware event.

So, in case you are looking to purchase Google Home or the new Pixel phones, and would like to have some actual hands on experience before shelling out the not-so-inexpensive number on the price tag, well, you know where to go.

Google has already experimented with retail stores. However, its last tryst with brick and mortar stores didn’t go so well. Nearly around the time when the company was planning to sell its highly ambitious Glasses, Google stores had mushroomed all over the place in the cities of London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. However, the company ended up closing down all the physical retail shops it had opened up to sell its Google Glass.

However, that was just one unfortunate case and the issue was more due to the product than flawed strategy. Let’s hope that this attempt will prove to be more successful. Meanwhile, there has been no word on whether the Manhattan store will be a standalone case, or if Google plans to expand it to other locations as well.

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