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Apple removes app without explanation, pisses off dev community in the process

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Apple has managed to antagonize a lot of developers. The company recently banned a popular application from the app store and deleted its developer’s account. While that would be okay if a valid reason was provided, the company did so without even bother to offering any explanation to anyone — including the app creator.

If you are into programming and spend time on it outside your curriculum, you might have come across an app called Dash. The application is pretty cool and lets developers find snippets of code relevant to whatever they are working on at the moment, It also lets them insert these snippets into their own source codes.

Understandably, the app and its developer, Bogdan Popescu, are both pretty popular within the Dev community. So, when Apple decided to delete the application and shut down Popescu’s account without so much as a warning, it managed to antagonize a large number of developers in a single stroke.

After a lot of noise about the situation on a variety of online portals, Popescu said that he had finally received a response from Apple. The company said that they had terminated hi account because they found evidence of review manipulation.

As per Popescue,

A few hours ago I received a “Notice of Termination” email, saying that my account was terminated due to fraudulent conduct. I called them again and they said they can’t provide more information. Update: Apple contacted me and told me they found evidence of App Store review manipulation. This is something I’ve never done. Apple’s decision is final and can’t be appealed.

Popescu isn’t really left with many options. He can still distribute the Mac version through other sources, however, the iOS version, which was the real money generator, is pretty much a goner. Popescu is now thinking of distributing the code for free via Github and other sources.

While we are not sure if Popescu was in the wrong or the right, Apple definitely needs to work on its people skills.

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