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Microsoft comes up with a fix-it tool for the failed Windows 10 update

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Microsoft’s last cumulative update to Windows 10 wasn’t doing all that well. Instead of updating the system, it was causing a significant amount of headache and frustration to their owners. Well, Microsoft has released a fix for the offending update and has also issued an explanation behind the issue.

The Problem:

If you are a Windows geek, or just someone who likes keeping his systems really updated, you are probably aware of last week’s Cumulative Update KB3194496, which was released for Windows 10 version 1607. The update was supposed to improve your system and get the build number to 14393.222.

While it did the job perfectly in a large number of cases, for many, the update would reach the “100 percent complete” mark and then their system would tell them that the update was unable to complete. I don’t even need to put words to the  amount of frustration felt by the poor victims. The system would then announce,

We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes.

and then go on to undo the changes of course. However, the process would repeat the next day and the day after that and so on. The issue was most commonly found upon machines that were previously part of the Windows Insider Program but were later removed from it.

The Solution:

Acting rather quickly, Microsoft has released a fix for the issue. Speaking to Zdnet, a Microsoft spokesperson said,

We became aware of an issue with the recent Windows 10 cumulative update that impacted a small number of customers in the Windows Insider Program that were running a previous build of the OS. We have created a solution to resolve this issue.

If you have been influenced by the issue as well, you can access the solution by clicking right here. The instructions follow as well, in case you need them.

  1. To start the download, click the Download button and then do one of the following, or select another language from Change Language and then click Change.
  2. Click Run to start the installation immediately.
  3. Click Save to copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time.

The description describes the fix as a “Script to fix Xbox Scheduled Task leftover regkeys that blocks update for insider builds prior to 14388.

Again indirectly referring to Windows systems that were initially in the Windows Insider Program and received preview releases, before later making the switch to the public versions. While they may not seem like much, such folks number in hundreds of thousands. However, Microsoft’s latest 52 KB script should hopefully sort out the issue for everyone.

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