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The ‘DressCode’ malware has infected close to 400 Google Play apps already

DressCode / linux
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DressCode, one of the more notorious malware around, has been found stowed abroad over 400 application on the Google Play store. The malware is capable of infecting devices that download these applications and once installed, it can wreck further havoc using the infected device to propel itself into connected networks. DressCode can also use the host device to download protected information and spy upon the unsuspecting victims.

The malware can also be deployed to create a botnet out of your device. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, a botnet refers to a network of private computers that are infected with malicious software and can be controlled as a group without their owners being any wiser about it. This group of devices can then be used to do the hacker’s bidding which as you can imagine, involves further shady stuff such as sending spam.

In short, DressCode is not something you want on your device. But it is making its way to hundreds of thousands of smartphones even as we speak. The malware has been hidden upon hundreds of legit looking applications on the Play Store and several of them have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of time as well. For example, a Grand Theft Auto related modification for Minecraft has been installed between 100,000 and 500,000 times on its own.

That is around half a million infected devices from a single app. You can well imagine the scale of damage this malware is causing when we tell you that it is present on over3,000 applications on all application stores in the world.

The malware also has severe consequence for enterprises and businesses as well. It is capable of easing itself into other devices which are on the same network as the infected device. This means that if an enterprise professional manages to get this malware onto his device and then connected it to the enterprise network, DressCode would be able to download sensitive data or even attack the internal enterprise servers.

The probability of such attacks have increased several times over considering the fact that a vast majority of workplaces now allow their employees to bring their own devices to work. While this has purportedly been done because it is good for efficiency, it has several significant side effects and weaknesses as well — a very good example being DressCode itself.

Meanwhile, we would advice you to be careful while installing a lesser known application from any store. While Google, Apple and the sort usually take steps to ensure that such apps do not make their way onto their platforms, they often do. Which is why it is left to us to take precautionary measures to ensure our safety. Just Google the app name if nothing else.

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