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Apple planning to unify its cloud teams to improve Siri and other services

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Consolidation across the organization certainly appears to have caught the fancy of tech behemoths. After Microsoft merged several teams into a single division, Apple is also reportedly moving to unify its cloud services teams by moving them into a single campus. The teams that will come under this new scheme include those working upon Siri, Apple Maps, iCloud, Apple Pay, Apple News, and parts of iTunes and Apple Music.

As per Bloomberg, the company is taking this step to improve its prospects against rivals Amazon and Google, both of which have been doubling down upon their presence in the clouds.

The teams are expected to be relocated to the tech behemoth’s Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, California. According to sources within the company who did not wish to be identified, the thought behind the move is pretty simple. By putting all the individuals and teams working on cloud services within a single space, Apple hopes to increase the efficiency of its cloud.

At present, most of these services are being developed and maintained by teams that are situated apart from each other in different Apple campuses. This distance leads to a loss of efficiency and prevents these teams from collaborating together to reach optimum performance levels.

The move may come even as the Tim Cook led organization is in advanced stages of completing its all new Campus 2. The new offices are expected to play host to over 13,000 employees in the near future, with the shift beginning in 2017. Considering that Cloud based services form a premium part of Apple’s portfolio of products, the teams working on them may well move to the new campus as well.

And services are important for Apple, make no mistake about it. Amid slowing iPhone sales, the company is attempting to develop new hardware, true, but in the meanwhile, services have come up as a new, profitable vertical for the Cupertino giant.

That said, Apple has reportedly come up with a committee that will be working to reorganize its employees across its current and future locations. The committee will be calling the cards upon who gets what office space and one of its decisions have included limiting formal offices at the new campus to Vice Presidents and above.

Meanwhile, employees are not all the company is moving. As per reports, it is also shifting all its cloud related infra into a single platform that goes under the codename “Pie”. While parts of Siri, iTunes Store, and News have already been shifted to the new platform, the company will be shifting Maps and other important cloud based offering to it in the coming future. Apple is also said to be working on “McQueen” — A photo storage system that will save it from the necessity of having to rely upon Google and Amazon servers.

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