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5 Startups working out of Innovation Warehouse on disruptive technologies

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Innovation Warehouse started in 2010 as a coworking and incubation community for digital high-growth startup businesses in London. Today, it houses numerous tech startups and has a strongly established alumni to boast about. From the current lot, we bring you a sneak peak into 5 startups who are disrupting the existing norms through technology and building products that are worth a mention –


Gamar lets you create interactive tours with 3D Augmented Reality.  The Gamar online content management system enables anyone, regardless of their technical skills, to create and manage family trails, educational games and interactive audio tours. In a place like London (or maybe India in some time), which has a rich cultural heritage and a strong educational system, Gamar is a very relevant idea.


Technically speaking, it uses AR (Augmented Reality), machine learning technology and gamification, enabling players to interact with objects and spaces like never before. For example, point your device at a museum artifact and watch it come alive, tell you a story, and encourage you to engage, think and learn.

Logical Glue

Logical Glue is a user-friendly software platform for building and deploying predictive models. It lets businesses use data to automate decision making and increase profitability. “Data” has become a buzz word in the recent times in all growing economies across the World and businesses are starting to revolve around data. Ironically, hardly anyone knows how to extract the value and power of that data using data sciences. Enter Logical Glue.


The software brings data science out of the lab and makes intelligent, automated prediction available to every business. For example, for lending decisions and insurance claims. Besides the ease of integration and deployment for a layman, the best part of Logical Glue is that it shows you exactly how useful your data is with a ranked list of features to understand what data you should care about the most, and which data you should spend less time and money on in future.

Hey Success

Very often, students are looking for various opportunities across the World apart from just internships, in the form of events, scholarships, competitions etc. Beyond all the run of the mill internship search websites, HeySuccess solves a very important pain point. The website allows users to search and apply for thousands of international student programs, such as events, scholarships, internships, projects, graduate programs, in a quick, secure, and convenient way.


Companies and universities are also able to connect with student users and hire the best and brightest youth talent from more than 180 countries.

Inova Design

It is a known fact (recognized by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk), that the future belongs to disruptive technologies in the sector of EdTech, MedTech, Wearables etc.

One of the most interesting startups that I came across, Inova Design is an innovative technology company in the rapidly expanding global market of wireless body sensing devices. Inova specialises in the research, design, development and commercialization of innovative body sensing solutions for optimum health, well-being and performance.


With such devices spread out for common use, the healthcare staff can easily monitor patients remotely in real time. Military personnel can use such devices to make the right informed decisions and avoid heat illness and athletes  / sportspersons can track their physiology and enhance their performance.


Classrooms are not supposed to be boring, one way monologues from teachers. In fact, classrooms in the current era are supposed to be collaborative, especially for the young kids.

Collaborative learning promotes the idea that students can only achieve their own goal once everyone else has reached theirs. This enables them to interact with each other and work on their social skills in a supportive environment.

Spiral encourages exactly this. With its 3 integrated Apps – QuickFire (engaging the whole class into Q&As), Discuss (Sparking creativity through interactive presentations) and TeamUp (Improves process and outcome of group work), Spiral ensures student responses are saved, allowing formative assessment and progress tracking, resulting in personal learning journeys. Such real time collaborative learning is the future of education and thus EdTech startups such as Spiral have a long way to go.


We have a lot more to explore in London, the ecosystem being vibrant and mature here. So many learnings, experiences, failures and disruptions yet to come! Stay Tuned!


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