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Google releases quick switch adapter to make switching from Apple to Pixel easier

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Google’s event yesterday was a success. If you consider impressing your audience a success that is. Although, considering the wide range of tech-loaded products Google unveiled yesterday, the company can probably hope for business and financial success as well. The company’s Pixel phones, that are replacing the Nexus lineup, were just as impressive. Google is apparently hoping to lure iPhone users too, and has unveiled a brand new quick switch adapter for faster data transfers.

If you are already an android user, switching to Pixel is pretty easy. You can simply back up all your data on the Google Drive and restore it on the new device. However, things get a bit more complicated when you are making the shift from iPhone, considering that there is no such shared storage.

This is exactly what Google has set out to solve with its new adapter. Once you have your iPhone, your brand new Pixel device, the Quick switch adapter and the iPhone data-cable all in one place, you can start the transfer process. Simply connect one end of the data cable to the lightning port on your iPone/iPad and plug the other USB port into the quick switch adapter. The adapter is then connected to the USB Type C port on the Google Pixel/PixelXL and you are set to go.

Once you have made all these connections, the Pixel device will automatically instruct you about further steps. Simply follow them — they will involve a few taps and clicks, nothing strenuous — and congrats! You are ready to start using your Pixel device.

While transferring, make sure that you switch off iMesssages and FaceTime from your iOS settings. Also ensure that the Pixel/Pixel XL device is at least 50 percent charged. You also get to chose exactly what data you want to bring along to your new device. Simply select one or more options from contacts, calendar events, photos, videos, music, SMS messages and iMessages and you are good to go.

The company is certainly hoping that a significant number of Apple users will be willing to make the shift. The Pixel device is certainly impressive. However, wheather or not Google’s plans will succeed, is something only time will tell.


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