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Yahoo is now Yahoo Newsrooms, you can post your own news links too!

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Yahoo is performing some major renovation on its main application. What used to be a collection of news on a variety of assorted topics (curated by Yahoo itself) will now contain news links posted by users as well. The aim of this exercise is to put the platform squarely in a position to compete against news aggregation platforms as well as social destinations like Facebook and Twitter.

The company has now launched the Yahoo Newsroom application for both Android and iOS platforms. The app is nothing terribly innovative, but is more like a mixture of all the good things that were already out there. Not that we are complaining. Yahoo has been having plenty of bad times of late and it was high time that the company produced something good.

Speaking about the launch of the new application, Simon Khalaf, SVP Publisher Products, Yahoo, said

More than 300 million people come to Yahoo every month and share their voice and opinions on important news stories, creating a vibrant community around issues that impact the world. It is a very common and predictable cycle: read, watch, react and repeat. But we knew we could do more to elevate these conversations and empower our passionate community. That’s why we’re launching Yahoo Newsroom for iOS and Android.

Similar to almost all its contemporaries, the Newsroom also offers you an “Explore Tab”,  which can be used to discover news across categories such as Politics, US, Sports…you know the drill. The company has also named the various categories as “Vibes” (and yes, we are as clueless as you behind the reasoning for this nomenclature).

Users can also participate by posting articles from sources around the web into a special “Vibes” section. Yahoo is hoping that these Vibes will then lead to discussion, thus increasing user engagement and introducing new consumers to its application.

Yahoo is probably hoping to project the application as an alternative to the likes of Quora, Facebook and other news aggregators by combining some of the best features from each. However, the company will likely have to deploy significant resources to ensure that the so called Vibes are free of spam, fake news and other bad Vibes.

You can download the application for both Android and iOS.


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