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IBM investing $200 million for a new, Munich based headquarter for Watson

IBM, Watson
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IBM has decided to give its Watson, Internet of Things program a new home. The company today announced that it is investing $200 million for a brand new, Munich based headquarter for its Internet of things program. The move will allow the company to combine and deploy its powerful Watson supercomputer on behalf of its iOT strategy.

IBM Watson needs no introduction. While defined as a question answering computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language,Watson is — in every letter of the word — a Supercomputer. The capabilities of the computer can be gauged from the fact that it managed to beat the best human Jeopardy players at their own game – winning the first place prize of $1 million.

IBM is now hoping to deploys Watson’s extreme processing capabilities to iOT and towards that, has set aside a staggering $3 Billion sum for a global plan. The $200 million HQ in Munich, is another concrete step towards the same future.

Speaking on the topic, Harriet Green, global head of IBM’s Watson iOT business, said,

IBM is making tremendous strides to ensure that businesses around the world are able to take advantage of this incredible period of technological transformation and develop new products and services that really change people’s lives. 

Commenting on the company’s attempt to build a headquarter in Munich, Germany,

Germany is at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 initiative and by inviting our clients and partners to join us in Munich, we are opening up our talent and technologies to help deliver on the promise of IoT and establishing a global hotbed for collaborative innovation.

The Munich HQ will also facilitate clients and partners to work alongside IBM’s almost 1,000 Munich-based researchers and engineers. This undoubtedly, will drive the sector forward and lead to further innovations in sectors such as automotive, electronics, manufacturing, health-care and insurance industries.

There has been a significant spike in the number of iOT customers IBM has on board.  According to the company, today, almost 6,000 global clients are using its Watson powered IoT solutions and services — as compared to 4,000 just eight months ago. Today, Watson’s capabilities are being deployed across a wide range of solutions, including UAVs. The company is also in partnership with various multinational corporations, and is transforming their operations and processes using its Supercomputer’s cognitive intelligence capabilities.

Speaking about the emergent iOT technology, Vernon Turner, IDC fellow for the Internet of Things, said in a statement.

With 55 percent of respondents stating that IoT is strategic to their business, we can see that the market is pivoting away from proof of concept projects to scalable deployments that are incorporating cloud, analytics, and security capabilities.\

IBM is certainly a central player in the scheme of things. The company has significant software and hardware assets to its name along with a robust IoT platform. With its latest attempt to integrate Watson’s superb cognitive computing technologies with the iOT sector, IBM is certainly going to come out as a top destination for companies seeking innovative Internet driven solutions for their products and processes.


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