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Networking goes modular, Google reveals “Google Wi-Fi”

Google Wi-Fi

And Google keeps pulling one cool trick after another out of its events bag. After announcing its exciting Pixel devices and the cool new Daydream VR headsets, Google has unveiled a brand new system for modular, multi-point home networking.

We got a look at modular networking with the launch of Eero this year. Google’s brand new “Google Wi-Fi” work along somewhat similar principles.

So basically, there are a whole bunch of writers spread across your place. As you walk around from your kitchen to the hall to the bedroom and so on, the system automatically connects you to the nearest router — ensuring the best possible speeds for you by adjusting your network so that you are always connected to the optimal wireless channel.

There is also an application for controlling these routers. So if you feel like the kids should be sleeping now, you can simply pause their router using your application. Handy, right? The device also supports AC1200 wireless speeds, along with simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

You can purchase the system as a single unit or in a three-pack to cater to larger living spaces. While a single unit will require you to shell out $129, a three pack will set you back by anywhere around $299. The systems are available for pre-order in the US in November and Google plans to start shipping by December.

While there has bee no word on international availability yet, its is quite likely that Google won’t keep it within the US. The routers have the advantage of offering better connectivity by disbursing the responsibility to several devices. Google’s offerings are significantly cheaper than Eero as well — considering the 3-pack, single pieces are the same price — and this fact, along with the smart-phone controls, may serve to give the company an edge in the markets.


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