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Google announces Daydream “View” VR headsets, Pixel ready for VR too

Google Daydream View
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And Google’s Pixel phones are finally here! While we continue to get updates about the devices, they appear to be pretty damn cool. The company may just have come up with a worthy rival for Apple’s iPhones. Meanwhile, the Pixel devices are as future ready as possible and it appears like Google has custom made them to offer users a fantastic virtual reality experience.

Once the Pixel phones were announced, Clay Bavor, Google’s VP of Virtual Reality, took the stage. Considering that VR is one of the most exciting, up and coming technologies around, Bavor’s appearance generated a huge excitement among everyone. And not in vain either for Bavor announced that Google’s Pixel devices are the first that are VR Ready.

You just heard about the new Pixel phones. We’ve made them GREAT for VR.

Nice! And that is not all Google had planned for VR fans either. The company has just announced a brand new VR headset titled Daydream View. And according to Google, it may just be one of the most complete Daydream VR headsets out there.

We didn’t just look at the specs; we obsessed over the details of this design. We wanted something thats comfortable, and that you can make your own.

The new headsets use soft microfibers — similar to what Oculus does — and deploy a fabric design to make the wearing experience as comfortable;e as possible. The device is also lightweight, at 30% less heavy than similar devices — which should make life easier for those who plan to use it for extended time intervals. What’s more, if you wear spectacles — well Google has taken that into account as well and the Daydream View should fit cosily over your glasses.

Interestingly enough, the headset is basically a enhanced version of the good old Google cardboard. Simply open the latch, slide the device in, close the latch and you have your very own cool new, Daydream ready, View headset.

Google also gave us a look at the controller for the headset and while the company has kept it pretty minimalistic with just two buttons and a trackpad, the stuff under the hood is pretty stare of the art and promises to deliver top notch VR experiences. Google has also come up with a nifty looking storage slot inside the headset, that can be used to place the controller in.

The headsets are slated to come in three different colors, namely Snow (white), slate (grey), and crimson (red).Google also gave us a look at some of the titles that will be coming to the Daydream View, and I am a die hard fan already!

The Daydream View VR headset will be bringing some magic into out mugglish, mundane life thanks to a collaboration with Warner Bro’s Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts. You can use the controller as a wand! What more can you ask of life!

All of this will come together in November, when the Daydream headset AND the controller go on sale, together, for $79.

That is pretty affordable for what is shaping up to be one of the best VR experiences out there. Meanwhile, stay tuned as we keep bringing you other exciting stuff straight from Google’s ongoing event.


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