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Google wants to build an Assistant for everyone, brings it to Phones and Homes

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So Google’s super exciting event is taking place folks and we are bringing you news straight from the oven. First up, we just had Google CEO Sundar Pichai take the stage and talk about Google Assistant and the role the company hopes it will play in the future. It appears as if Google is ramping up its Assistant’s capabilities and has just announced that it will be bringing it to two new surfaces — namely, Phones and Homes.

Ever since Google announced its October events, the markets were rife with rumors of Google Assistant taking the center-stage. Well it appears as if the rumors were true and we just had Sundar Pichai talk about the greater role the AI will have to play in our futures.

Speaking about the arrival of the web and how it changed things, Pichai said,

Roughly in the 90s, the web arrived. It radically changed industries, and how people connect. When I look ahead, it’s clear, we’re shifting from mobile-first, to AI-first.

And Google is absolutely ready for the shift.

At Google, we’re very very excited about this shift. We’ve been working a long time towards it. At the heart of this effort is the goal to build a Google assistant.

It appears as if the company is working on an assistant that will be constantly available, like always available. While you now have to press buttons or speak out to call it to action — and it is sometimes easier to do things manually — the tech behemoth hopes to change all that.

So basically, a world where you turn to the assistant for fulfilling all your needs. The Google Assistant  is already pretty capable and can do stuff like calling cabs, image captioning, translations etc. with a fair degree of accuracy. However, Pichai hopes to take it even further.

It’s early days, but we’re going to work on this for a long time. But it’s important to get Assistant into the hands of our users and that’s what today is about.

Towards that, the tech giant has announced that it will be bringing its Assistant to two new features, namely Phones and Homes.

Today, we’re bringing our Assistant to two new surfaces: one, in the context of your phone, and the other, in the context of your home.

While we don’t exactly know what that entails, we can make a few guesses and all of those promise to be super exciting. We will probably know a lot more before the night is out. Meanwhile, stay tuned as we bring you more details on this and all the other fantastic stuff that is being unwrapped at Google’s ongoing event.


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