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Google makes it possible to see calender events from within Maps

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Google seems to have set its heart upon seriously upgrading the capabilities of its Maps feature. Just a day after it announced the availability of hands-free navigation mode for Google Maps, the company has come up with yet another update. Now, you can access your calender events directly from within the Maps interface.

The announcement was made through a blog post by Zach Maier, 

So whether you’re heading to a family dinner or getting subway directions to a birthday party, you can now quickly and easily access your events directly from the map.

The addition has a number of advantages. You can be reminded of through Maps. For example, say you need to go to the Dentist. Simply create an event and the next time you are nearing the location of the doctor, Google Calender will remind you of the event you created from within the Maps interface. However, to make sure that this works, you should make sure that you put in an address in the “Where” box while creating an event.

To ensure that your events appear on Google Maps, enter the address in the “Where” box when you create an event in Google Calendar.

You can also check out a complete list of your upcoming events by firing up the sidebar menu, tapping “Your Places” and then finally homing in on the “Upcoming.” button. The upcoming tab will also show other information.

When you receive confirmation emails for hotel, flight or restaurant reservations in Gmail, we show that information in Google Maps for easy access when on the go. These events also appear in the new “Upcoming” tab in “Your Places.

Apart from this, Google Maps also let you save home and work addresses so that you can get directions from one to other in flash. This features is particularly useful in case you are new to a place and need an assistant to help you navigate to places from your home. Meanwhile, you can also mark your home using a sticker out of various available.

You can also label destinations with names. So instead of saying “Ok Google. I want to go to Emmy’s on the 3rd avenue, Sturgeon bay”, you can simply label the place. So lets say that you label the address as “Grocery Shop”. The next time you need to go there, you can just ask Google Maps to “navigate to grocery shop”, and it will guide you there.

There is also a Personal Content Manager, which can help you personalize the interface and chose what options you want to see and which you don’t, according to your own preferences and convenience.

You can use the new personal content manager under the settings tab in the side menu. Simply toggle off what you don’t want to show and toggle on what’s most helpful to you.


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