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WhatsApp confirms it will comply with the Delhi High Court order over data sharing

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It appears as if WhatsApp is going to comply with the Delhi High Court order after all. After reports from various quarters that the messaging application was going ahead with its plan to share data with Facebook despite a Delhi High Court order to the contrary, a spokesperson has reached out to The TechPortal and stated that WhatsApp has every intention of complying with the order.

A day or so ago, it was reported that WhatsApp was going to share data with Facebook as per it’s new data syncing policy, despite a Delhi High Court order.

The order we are talking about came last week, when the High Court told WhatsApp to delete user data associated with people who had opted out of WhatsApp’s privacy policy changes before Sept. 25. The company was also asked to not use any user data collected before Sept. 25.

The data that can be shared between the popular messaging application and Facebook under the new policy, includes your profile name, profile picture, and status messages. What’s more, your phone number along with the phone numbers of everyone in your address book are also under the scope of this scheme.

However, WhatsApp has clarified its position on the matter and said that it has every intention of following the Delhi High Court directives.

A WhatsApp spokesperson has reached out to The TechPortal with the following statement:

WhatsApp will comply with the order from the Delhi High Court. We plan to proceed with the privacy policy and terms update in accordance with the Court’s order. The Court’s emphasis on the importance of user choice and consent is encouraging.

Compliance with the court order would likely mean that WhatsApp will not share user data with Facebook until it is able to obtain a clear user consent on the matter. The company was put under a similar restraint in Germany recently, where a regulatory body asked it to stop sharing data with Facebook. The latter was planning to appeal against the order there.

However, both Facebook and WhatsApp appear to be quite willing to go along with the directives of the judiciary in India.

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