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HTC launches Viveport, a dedicated store for VR apps

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After Samsung, Occulus and Vive, HTC is joining the ranks of headset manufacturers that also offer you an app store for different VR experiences. The company is launching Viveport, an app store meant exclusively for VR apps, that will let users pick their poison out of some of the best virtual reality experiences available on HTC’s headsets, including the Vive.

Although VR is rapidly growing, its still a nascent market in many ways. There are a lot of developers working in the field however, considering that the number of users is still not that large, none of the major mobile OS developers have launched a separate market for VR apps. This in turn reduces the visibility of these applications and what can be done with them.

Coming back to the Viveport, the store offers some pretty interesting pplications such as Everest VR, theBlu, Google Spotlight Stories Pearl, The Music Room, Stonehenge VR etc. We can only expect this collection to grow a he VR market slowly joining the mainstream and more and more developers jump upon the bandwagon to create new fantastic apps.

HTC is also holding a sale that will last for 48 hours and will let people buy some premium titles for as low as $1. The sale as well as the store itself are meant as a way for consumers to explore, create, connect, and experience new VR titles. The store contains titles spread across various categories such as art, creativity tools, design, education, fashion, music, sports, travel, video etc.

Speadking on the topic, Rikard Steiber, president of Viveport said,

We believe Viveport is the place where customers will start their journey into new virtual reality experiences. Now, fans in over 30 countries will join us on a fantastic voyage, as they get to experience amazing VR Apps published by the best content creators in the industry. In addition to debuting new Viveport Premieres, we are also rewarding our community with a special 48-hour launch celebration, where several marquee titles will be available for a special price of $1.

The content will mainly be aimed at HTC Vive, the $800 headset that enable customers to enjoy room scale experiences. The company is probably hoping to boost headset sales as well, by increasing the number of titles available at a single destination. The store may also encourage developers to create more experiences for users.

HTC has also exhorted fans to keep an eye out on its social media accounts for free access to unlimited content.

Any day now, we will relay a secret message that will reopen a path to unlimited Viveport content for worthy contenders. We hope you will follow us on social media, install the VIVE software, visit, and explore Vive Home over the next month, as we unveil more clues and keys to unlock the treasures.

We have already contacted HTC regarding the report, and will update the story as soon as we receive a response.

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