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Qualcomm launches two brand new chips with greater emphasis on iOT

Qualcomm, Snapdragon 835
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Qualcomm is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of new age mobile computing. Its snapdragon range of chips in particular, have been instrumental in bringing about a virtual revolution in the processing capabilities of our smartphones. Well, the company has launched two brand new chips along the line-up and these two as it turns out, are meant for more than just smartphones.

The company today announced the 410E and 600E, two brand new chips that have been specifically designed with embedded systems and IoT devices in mind. The company will also be making these available to small and medium enterprises and for that purpose, has already entered into a collaboration with Arrow Electronics. The partnership will enable Qualcomm to produces the chips in smaller numbers, thus enabling SMEs to order them in quantities most suitable for them.

As per Qualcomm,

This is the first time stand-alone Snapdragon processors are available by distributors, making them accessible in a variety of quantities to manufacturers of all sizes for embedded computing and IoT products.

Apparently, companies will be able to order them in quantities as low as 100 units. This would certainly not have been possible with Qualcomm, which — with customers like Samsung in its roster — usually manufactures chips by the millions.

Moving to the chip specifications, the 600E is a 1.5GHz quad-core chip that is slated towards resource-intensive applications like 3D graphics rendering. The chipset comes equipped with Bluetooth 4, an 802.11 a to ac radio and GPS capabilities. The usage of this chip can include application with SATA, SD3.0, DDR memory, eMMC storage, HDMI, LVDS, HSIC, and PCIe interfaces.

On the other hand, the 410E packs slightly less punch that the 600E at 1.2Ghz of processing power. The chip offers you an Adreno 306 GPU that is also less capable than the 320 deployed in the 600E. The slightly lesser performance is offset by a significantly less power draw by the 410 E as compared to the 600 E. Like its more powerful sibling, 410 E also offers Bluetooth 4.1 support however, it is limited to 802.11 b/g/n and GPS.

While the 600E is more suitable for applications that are a draw on graphic resources, 410 E’s low power draw makes it ideal for use in iOT and connected devices. It can be easily deployed in use case scenarios that include smart homes, digital signage, medical equipment, industrial automation, digital media players and smart surveillance.

The chips will have applications in a lot of verticals such as Digital signage, set-top-boxes, medical imaging, point of sale systems, industrial robotics etc.

Speaking on the topic, Raj Talluri, senior vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, said

Snapdragon is a powerful and versatile processor with many potential applications in a wide variety of IoT applications and we can now offer this technology to a much wider range of customers with the additional benefit of long-term support and availability. The Snapdragon 600E and 410E bring together some of our best connectivity and compute technologies to meet the needs for a large range of embedded and IoT applications.

Well, Snapdragon can definitely been credited with being under the hood of some of the best phones ever produced. With this expansion, Qualcomm is bringing the Snapdragon to iOT as well. Lets see if it is as successful in bringing a revolution here, as it has been in the smartphone industry.


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