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Facebook is launching its “At Work” service next month

Facebook At Work
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We love Facebook. And if the numbers the social networking platform releases periodically are anything to go by, so do a lot of other humans. The company is now taking its platform to workplaces across the planet, by making its enterprise communication and collaboration network Facebook @ Work, available within the next few weeks. Workplaces, here comes Facebook!

At work is somewhat similar to the usual Facebook, except that it is for work.  Along with a special Work Feed — which will be packed with posts from colleagues within your organization — professionals will receive a bevy of communication options including, Groups, Messenger, and audio and video calling options. By providing users with the ability to communicate in any way they could possibly want to (messages, audio, video) Facebook is probably hoping to supplant all other services currently in use.

Another pretty significant advantage that Facebook will offer over most of its competitors, is the ability for professionals to have a work profile. The work feed will also allow users to post questions for the rest of the organization to answer, while Events and Live video could prove to be helpful in a wide variety of situations.

Considering that almost everyone with even the very basic know how about the Internet, is likely to be familiar with Facebook, organizations won’t have much trouble in getting the systems up and running within their ecosystems. Also, each organization will have a completely private and shielded network which will prevent Spam and accidental leakages and keep the content relevant.

Here is how Facebook describes its at work services.

It’s easy to get started. You just create a new Facebook at Work account to connect with coworkers. This account is separate from your personal Facebook but works in similar ways.

Use News Feed to stay updated, join groups to collaborate, send messages and get notifications about what’s most relevant to you.

The company has also, in the past, talked about various fancy integration. Such as the use of AI to gauge how employees of a particular company feel about a certain topic. Undoubtedly, it will be providing employers with significantly more information and insights about their employees, which has the potential of helping them take better decisions.

The social networking platform has not yet disclosed the pricing of the “At Work” Service. From what we have been able to gather though, the company may launch the service with a pricing plan that charges companies “per monthly active user”. By not charging a flat rate, Facebook is making it easier for companies to get on board. This however, is also a statement about it’s confidence in its ability to make and retain new users.

The project has been in development for almost two years and already has over 450 companies on board, including notable entities like Royal Bank Of Scotland. It has over 4.5 million subscribers who will likely have a few more free months after launch, before Facebook starts charging them. The company is probably hoping to set the system up within organizations across the world, which has the potential to provide it with a brand new, steady stream of income.


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