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The Microsoft Edge browser is now safer for enterprise purposes

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Microsoft’s IGNITE Conference is on folks and is home to several new announcements on the tech giant’s part. The company has just announced that it is making its edge browser safer in enterprise environments. The company has managed the feat by running browser sessions in a container that is bound directly to the hardware. This according to the company, has made Edge, the safest browser for enterprise applications.

That the Edge browser is safer, is thanks mostly to Microsoft’s new Windows Guard Application. The application significantly bumps up the security provisions for your browsing session on the Edge. The technology has also been built right into the Windows 10 Operating system, meaning that it will be able to work at a much deeper level.

Microsoft also professes that with this tool, you can go to bed knowing that your systems are completely protected from the likes of Malware and other similar malicious software. How? Lets take a look.

Whenever you run a browser session using a non-edge browser, your session is vulnerable to attack from all quarters. However, the Windows Defender Application Guard insulates runs them in a container that is bound directly to the hardware. So basically, unauthorized or malicious browser sessions wont be able to take off at all.

And even if a malicious piece of code does manage to execute, it will do so inside a container created by the Windows Guard Application. While its pretty much useless n case you have a single system or PC, it can prove to be a godsend in enterprise situations, which may have hundreds or even thousands of computers connected to each other across a network.

By isolating the affected device, Windows Guard Application can ensure that the rest of devices in the network can continue working unaffected.

Apart from this new tool, Microsoft also announced that the Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection has been upgraded and is significantly more capable of protecting users from clicking on malicious URLs. The system will now have SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Word, Excel and PowerPoint under its wings, providing a near complete protection for Microsoft’s suite of office applications.

Finally, Microsoft is making the data it collects from devices all over the world, available to Security and IT admins. This will help them take precautionary measures based upon incidences that have already occurred at other organizations and systems, hopefully bringing the total successful attack rate down.


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