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Twitter may be in talks with Google and Salesforce for a potential sale

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Twitter has been dithering about a potential sale since the past few months. Rumors of the sale have quickened though and the social network platform is reportedly in talks with the likes of Google and Salesforce. As per news coming in from various quarters, the social networking platform may receive a formal bid from one or more companies, soon.

There are actually several companies that have in the past, shown interest in buying out Twitter. However, none of them have made a serious — at least in public — offer that could actually be considered and approved by the Twitter board.  Rumors have been pointing towards every major tech giant, including Google, Apple and Salesforce, as potential acquisition makers

Several private equity firms were also being put up as potential candidates. However, the last we heard, Twitter had been asking for almost $18 Billion, — Putting off a lot of prospective buyers, who couldn’t quite relate between the price and all the problems plaguing Twitter at present.

The company has been struggling a lot lately. From executives jumping board to leaking monies, life is pretty hard for Twitter. In a recent meeting by its board, Twitter’s future as a standalone company was also discussed. With two years under Dorsey’s care, and with multiple new abilities and features launched, the company still  has to impress. Also, with several quarters of extremely slow growth and stock that continued falling, the board at Twitter appears to be of the mind to sell off the social networking platform while they still can.

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The rumors were further strengthened when’s Chief Digital Evangelist, Vala Afshar, tweeted about the platform, stating the following,

Why @Twitter? 1 Personal learning network; 2 the best realtime, context rich news; 3 democratize intelligence; 4 great place to promote others.

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We can only assume that he was talking about the platform from a business standpoint, rather than iterating what he personally like about it. Meanwhile, the report from CNBC hopes for a formal offer soon. It will be interesting to see who manages to take the bird home with them, this time around. Microsoft, Salesforce, Google and Verizon are said to be some of the most likely suitors.

Twitter shares climbed by a significant amount — the most in 2 years, actually — reaching a high of almost 23 percent, before slipping down slightly to reach stability at around $22 per share.

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