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You can now live stream Android games (and apps!) to Facebook from your PC

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Live streaming is literally taking the world by storm. It is becoming increasingly common for people to share all kinds of stuff in real time, including games. The last time gaming and live streaming got together though, we saw a Pokemon Go player getting mugged. However, we have better news this time around as thanks to Bluestacks, you can now stream android games and apps straight to Facebook.

Game streaming is a pretty huge industry. With awesome games and equally awesome players, there are hordes of people willing to watch folks show off mad skills. And just like that, you have yet another business opportunity. There are several channel on YouTube for instance, that have attracted a huge following by streaming gameplay. Well, Facebook is ready to get a piece of the action too and thanks to the BlueStack desktop emulator for PC and Mac, you can now stream your game play directly to Facebook Live.

You could have already streamed games/apps or virtually anything on your computer screen through Facebook Live. However, doing so would have required you to either struggle with placing cameras or choosing the right software. With the Bluestack desktop emulators live stream option though, things have just gotten significantly easier.

You are probably familiar with Bluestacks. Its basically an emulator that lets you play android games and run other applications on your PC. Its actually quite popular and i am sure you have heard of it. Well, Bluestacks has added a Facebook Live option to its Android emulator for desktop.The option will enable users to easily stream their favorite Android games as well as apps on Facebook Live.

The option to live stream was already available for Amazon’s game focused, Twitch platform. However, by integrating it with Facebook, Bluestacks has given gamers a significantly larger audience to show off their prowess two. Also, Facebook now has another source of audience engagement and revenue generation and will finally be able to compete with YouTube in a field where it was seriously lagging behind. Simple press a button and your gameplay/app use will be livestramed straight to your Facebook profile.

No doubt, many hardcore gamers will still prefer to use a tablet or a smartphone over s PC, because of the wide disparity in controls. Bluestacks runs android apps and games but the control scheme is quite different — unless you have a touchscreen PC — and requires you to use a mouse or keyboard instead of your fingers. However, the streaming process has gotten significantly easier and as Blustacks said, it will let you focus on the gameplay rather than on adjusting the camera.

The new feature is not limited to just gaming either and i can think of at least a half dozen other interesting uses — such as reacting in real time to a video on YouTube (or a post on Facebook), explaining a recently released feature on an android application and so on. Basically, life made easier.

You can download the latest version of the Blustacks emulator and get ready to show off your prowess to the rest of the world, in a matter of minutes. Simply click here to upgrade/install the latest version of the Bluestacks Android emulator. Have Fun!


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