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Powered by Paytm, India’s highway tolls will now go cashless

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Continuing its penetration of digital payments deeper into our daily usage, Paytm has added another tier to its assortment of digital services. The company has partnered up with the NHAI and is offering you the option to pay tolls using its platform. Yup, those west-like highways wherein you pay with a tap, that will soon happen in India.

With its extremely vast network of roads, India has a large number of toll booths spread across the country. While crossing these booths, users are required to pay taxes that may range around a few hundreds of rupees. Paytm is now reducing hassles through its collaboration with the NHAI that will take these transactions cashless as well.

Speaking on the topic, Kiran Vasireddy, Sr. Vice President – Paytm said,

Cash slows down traffic at important toll plazas as attendants and motorists are left grappling with the hassles of dealing in loose change. The roll-out of Paytm-enabled FASTag will come as a relief to both commuters and toll plaza attendants and help towards the national cause of saving fuel.

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The partnership means that the company is even closer to its vision of making cashless transactions common across the breadth of India. Adding highway tolls to its portfolio of services means that India has taken yet another major step towards becoming a cashless economy in the real sense of the word.

Meanwhile, with this the platform’s roster now includes highway tolls, petrol pumps, grocery outlets, restaurants and coffee shops, multiplexes, local tea or vegetable vendors and even the newspaper vendors as those accepting cashless payments. And lets not forget the last collaboration between paytm and the Indian railways, which is already letting you book tickets using the platform.

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