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GoPro unveils its Karma drone, prices it at $799

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We have all been avidly awaiting GoPro’s Karma drone. With superior camera specifications on systems that can be hooked up with it blended in with the extreme portability provided by the drone, the Karma promises to take action cameras to a whole new heights — literally. Well, the company has finally released the drone and even at its $799 price point, the camera with wings, does not disappoint.

The Karma drone was exhibited a few hours ago at an event in Northern California. Also on display were a couple of action shooters, including the Hero 5 and the Hero. However, even in such exalted company, the Karma Drone was definitely the one hogging most of the limelight.

The drone comes with a foldable design that makes it extremely easy to carry around when you aren’t actually flying it. GoPro has also decided to include a small backpack with the drone so that you don’t have any issues lugging your Karma around, in case you want to go say, cycling or trekking. Interestingly, the camera is positioned at the front rather than below the drone, making it easier to take all sorts of shots without worrying about the appearance of rotors in your shot.

Users can control the quadcopter from a very simple, minimalistic controller. The controller looks rather like one of those old Nintendo consoles, with a touchscreen display on one half and a couple of joysticks and some buttons on the other. GoPro has decided to stick to the bare minimum, choosing to focus on the essentials rather than the flashy stuff.

Third party folks can

Another Karma specialty is a 3-axis gimbal, that can be used to stabilize the cameras for smooth footage. The contraption has been built in with an eye to stabilizing shots however, it can also be removed from the drone for handheld use. The idea is that you should be able to take stable shots whether you are flying the drone or taking the camera along on its own. GoPro appears to have taken inspiration from Chinese electronics company Yuneec and it its Typhoon drone for this.

The Karma Drone can be used in conjunction with Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session, and Hero 4. The Hero 5 and the Hero 5 session were also displayed at the event. To purchase the Karma with a Hero 5, you will have to shell out around $1,099. On the other hand, you can get the drone-hero 5 session bundle slightly cheaper at $999. Meanwhile, we leave you to enjoy this video of the GoPro flight.


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